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Roots (El Pla de Grau)

"In front of the terrestrial attraction, there is the celestial attraction", said the Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva.

"La Pagesia" (the peasantry) receives this double attraction. On the one hand, the knowledge provided by its means of production: the Earth. On the other, the experience acquired from the observation of the atmosphere: the Sky.

In this particular case, the gravitation occurs in a small 5km2 natural space on the Mediterranean coast. Just 56 km away from Barcelona, “El Pla de Grau” in Malgrat de Mar.
Here is where I cultivate the land and photography, here is where my entire photographic project has been carried out.

I have had many intellectual, philosophical and spiritual influences, but none as direct as the agrarian culture passed down to me by my father. Everything begins from him, including this photographic work.

* La pagesia extensive work (more than 150 photos)

Toni Privat

Farmer & Photographer

Analog Photography 35 mm


Winner 2016 BIPA (Barcelona
International Photo Awards)


Galería Valid Foto, Barcelona
Phoenix, Arizona
Calella de Mar, Barcelona


Phone: +34 666 973 663

They say photography is defined by the light.

That is true, but also by shadows and darkness.

My photography searches  for a personal language, coming from an inner vibration. From silence, with simplicity and modesty.

Nature shows and leads the way.

Toni Privat